Light (scene 1)


First light. “Where…?”

Eyelids open and blink. “What time is it? What day…?”

It’s Tuesday. The alarm hasn’t yet sounded.

I am already aware of it: an achy stiffness in my neck. Easing my body up, I begin to move away from the bed. Instantly, there—a new sensation. A point of pain, somewhere deep in the left shoulder. It travels along the spine up the neck.

Must keep moving. Ease it out. Stretch, gently yet insistently. From the joints, muted popping sounds arise. Sounds, but no relief.

This will be an interesting day.

As the day drags on, I catch myself shifting about in the web-back work chair. My body strives to the ease the pain, to make it less distracting, less annoying. No luck. I stand and stretch. Muted popping sounds. Still, no relief. Weary with resignation, I ease my body back into the chair.

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